Square Feet vs Cubic Feet vs Your Time

You pay for square feet for you office or home, so when you have unused items sitting around you pay to store them no matter what.

Even if you throw them away you will pay someone to dispose of them.

Let us save you time and money. Let us help organize and find solutions for what's in the way.    


Free Pick-Up

Far better than free truck rental. 

Save your back, save the trouble of moving.

Pay for three months in advance and get your items picked up for free. 

Inventory - Choices

Before we pick up we create images and inventory all your items.

You now have an online inventory of all your things and more choices.  

You can ask for items to be delivered back to you or to someone else.

You can now sell, donate, or dispose of items as you choose.    

Less Expensive Than Self Storage

Why pay for unused storage space? Why rent a truck? Why waste your time moving?,  

Our fee includes the truck and the movers. 

Our fees are based on what you store, so you don't pay for unused space.

By pricing storage by cubic foot,  you can see if it's worth storing items or if you would be better off selling, or donating them.

We are located away from high priced real estate so we can afford to give - more value - provide more service - save time and money       

Sell Sell Sell

When the cost of storage is calculated per item you then notice that it may be best to sell items rather than to store them.

We provide the service of doing just that.  We provide you with an inventory of your things. Now,  you can sell them and let us do all the work.

Let us deal with the buyer and show you how to sell it quick. 


Your Store for $105.00/month

Contract 200 cubic feet ($105.00/mo) of storage and add all the inventory you like for sale to our site.

Create a distribution point, and let us help with sales.

Have the items you sell ready for pickup or delivery from our location.

We deal with the sale, save you time and make you money.      

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